Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Foods that increases breast size

If you have small breasts then one of the major reasons can be excessive production of the testosterone that leads to the suppression of the breast growth. 

There are various different types of food items that help to control the production of the testosterone and thus increase the size of the breast. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains help to control the production of testosterone whereas chicken helps to improve the tissues of the breast. Apple, garlic and walnuts helps in stimulating the sex hormones whereas fenugreek, saw palmetto and wild yam helps in increasing the breast size.

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Estrogen rich foods are also very helpful in breast enhancement as this female hormone helps to increase the breast size and get perfect curve. Some of these food items include flax seeds, apples, cherries, garlic, sunflower seeds, parsley and others.

INTERESTING FACTS : Out of every 10 women in America, 8 wear the wrong bra  size and around 5 million women are using implants. An average breast weight is around 0.5 kilograms whereas a pair of breast on an average is capable of producing 1 litre of milk every day. In America, the average breast size of women is 35.9 inches; average areola size is 1.4 inches whereas the average size of nipple when erected is 0.27 inches.


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